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Hybrid Masks

Hybrid masks combine the flexibility of a full face CPAP mask with the freedom and comfort of a nasal pillow mask!

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What Is a Hybrid CPAP Mask?

Hybrid masks provide airflow to the nose and mouth, but unlike a traditional full face mask they don’t seal over the top of your nose. Instead, they cradle underneath your nose with two soft pillows like a nasal pillow CPAP mask. 

The hybrid design completely eliminates pressure points on the nasal bridge or the need for bulky forehead support. This means a wider field of view and greater freedom of movement! 

These flexible masks are compatible with any standard APAP, BiPAP, or CPAP machine. 

Best Sleeping Position: Back sleepers, side sleepers

Best Breathing Style: Mouth breathers or nose breathers

Best Pressure Setting: Any

Mask Cushion Materials: Silicone

Is a Hybrid Mask the Same as a Minimal-Contact Full Face Mask?

While a hybrid full face mask is designed to minimize contact with your face, it’s not the same as a minimal-contact full face CPAP mask. 

A minimal-contact face mask features one continuous cushion that seals over your mouth and nose. A good example is the ResMed AirFit F30 or the Philips Respironics Dreamwear Full Face. 

A hybrid CPAP mask, on the other hand, includes two separate cushions: a mouth cushion that diffuses airflow over a wider area, and a nasal interface that provides the same secure fit as nasal pillows. This combination provides sleep apnea patients flexibility in their breathing, while protecting against air leaks. An example of a hybrid mask is the ResMed Mirage Liberty.

Who Should Use a Hybrid CPAP Mask?

You should consider a hybrid mask if you:

  • Switch between being a mouth breather and a nose breather
  • Experience frequent nasal congestion or allergies
  • Like the freedom of a nasal cushion but experience leakage with smaller masks

Consider a Different Mask Type If…

A hybrid CPAP mask may not be for you if you:

  • Prefer minimal headgear
  • Use a chinstrap to keep your mouth closed